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Banavar Ananthramaiah Prabhakar
President Commissioner

Indian Citizen, 56 years old. Holds the position of President Commissioner of Bank Swadesi since 2009. Obtained his Bachelor Degree in Economy from Mysore University in 1972 and also obtained ACA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1976. Started his career in banking in 1977 at the Bank of Baroda. From 1977-2008 holds various positions. He joined Bank of India as the Executive Director since 2008.
Leland Gerrits Rompas
Independent Commissioner

Indonesian Citizen, 65 years old. Holds the position as Independent Commissioner in Bank Swadesi since 2002. Obtained his Bachelor of Economy from University of Indonesia. Having experience in financial industry; merchant banking, capital market and banking and holds various managerial level widely in PT Inter-Pacific Financial Corporation, Director of PT Inter-Pacific Financial Corporation, President Director of PT Inter-Pacific Securities, Commissioner of PT Bursa Paralel, Commissioner of PT Bursa Efek Jakarta, a member of the Board of Commissioner of PT Mashill Jaya Securities, President Director and followed by President Commissioner of Bank Prima Master.
Olga Istandya
Independent Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, 70 years old. Holds the position as Independent Commissioner of Bank Swadei since 1996. Obtained her Bachelor Degree in Law from Airlangga University in Surabaya. Started her career in a Notarial Company, 1970-1975. Having experience in banking industry since 1975, holding various managerial positions in PT Bank Umum Koperasi Kahoeripan. Joined Bank Swadesi since 1985 with the position of Assistant Director and later as Credit Director.
Prakash Rupchand Chugani

Indonesian citizen, 39 years old. Holds the position as Commissioner of Bank Swadesi since 1996. Obtained his Bachelor of Science in financial from Bentley College Boston, USA. Started his career as Training Prudential Insurance Co. Boston, USA, 1991-1992. Held the position as a Director in PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries since 1996 and now is the Commissioner. Became Commissioner in PT Panca Mantra Jaya since 1997. Joined Bank Swadesi since 1992 as Assistant Director and then as Marketing Director.
Krishan Kumar Aggarwal
Independent Commissioner

Indian citizen, 49 years old. Holds the position as Independent Commissioner of Bank Swadesi since 2007. Obtained his Bachelor Degree in Economy in 1980 from Delhi University and also obtained his title as a Chartered Accountant in 1986 from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Started his career as Professional Partner in Dhruv Aggarwal & Co, Chartered Accountants, then in 1989-1994 as a Deputy Finance Controller in Haryana Petrochemical Ltd, and from 1994-present as a Finance Manager in PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk.
Ningsih Suciati
President Director

Indonesian Citizen, 55 years old, Appointed as President Director of Bank Swadesi since year 2009. Holds Bachelor Degree of Economy from STIE Perbanas Jakarta. Having experience in the Banking Industry since 1983 by holding various positions and job levels, started at Operational and Loan Division at PT Bank Dewa Rutji and as Loan Division Head of PT. Bank Pasar Gunung Tempomas. Enrolled in Bank Swadesi Tbk since 1989 and held several posts as Branch Manager of Pintu Air, Head of Operational’s Main Office Jakarta, Associate Director, and Credit & Marketing Director.
Anil Kumar Bhalla
Vice President Director

A foreign citizen, 55 years old, born in New Delhi, India in 1956. Graduated in maths and Law from University of Delhi. Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers - CAIIB. Joined Bank of India in 1981 as an Officer and worked in domestic and international branches including New Delhi Overseas branch, and Head of New Delhi NRI Branch. Mr. Bhalla was holding several managerial posts such as Chief Officer (IT) and Chief Manager Strategic Planning & MIS at Head Office of Bank of India. Since 2009 he is working as Deputy General Manager and was heading Andheri large corporate branch before joining PT Bank Swadesi Tbk. as Vice President Director in the year 2010.
Iim Wardiman

Indonesian citizen, 46 years old. Appointed as Director of Operation Bank Swadesi since 2009. Obtained Masters in Management from Pancasila University in 2001 and Bachelor Degree in Economics from Pancasila University in 1989. His career in banking started in Bank Yudha Bhakti in 1989-1994 with the last position as Senior AO – Corporation. In 1994-1995 worked as a consultant in LPS “ Hayat Mandiri” and in 1995-1996 in Bank Roya Indonesia as Head of EDP & SOP. Joined PT Bank Swadesi Tbk since 1996 in R & D Division.
Rakesh Sinha

Indian Citizen, 56 years old, Appointed as Director Credit & International Banking of Bank Swadesi since 2009. Obtained Bachelor & Master Degree from University of Allahabad, each in 1973 and 1975. He also obtained a degree as a Certified Associate of Institute from The Indian Institute of Bankers in 1987. Started his career in banking as a trainee in Bank of Baroda in 1977. Joined Bank of India in 1977 and holds various positions since 1977-2009. Lastly, he was an Assistant General Manager in Bank of India – Vascodagama Branch.